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About Our Services

Houses of Worship have many challenges with respect to preparing for an active shooter incident. The first is a focus on prevention. In the workplace, active shooters are generally disgruntled current or former employees or, in some cases, the significant other of an employee. The potential assailant is known to his/her intended victims and often exhibits behaviors which may provide forewarning of the violent act; close observation and assessment of behavior is the key to prevention. With respect to houses of worship, however, this scenario is far less likely.  In most instances, the shooters in attacks targeting houses of worship are not known individuals and therefore the prevention strategy is much different.  However, since any attacker will likely spend time conducting surveillance prior to any attack, security awareness training and a vigorous counter surveillance program are of critical importance in order to recognize the signs of an imminent threat.


The nature of services also presents added difficulties for a meaningful security plan. Attacks occurring at Houses of Worship, especially during services, are particularly problematic. Many sanctuaries have limited access and egress and congregants are seated in rows that are extremely restricted.  In the event of an attack, the opportunity to escape is significantly and negatively impacted.  How then should a synagogue, church, mosque or temple prepare?


Global Security Group's Active Shooter services are designed specifically for the client's venue.  With respect to Houses of Worship, our training and planning program begins with an assessment of your location.  Particular attention is given to classrooms, day care and the sanctuary.  A summary of our services includes:


  • Security Awareness & Threat Recognition

  • Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance

  • Creating a Security Committee 

  • Identifying Human Assets in the Congregation

  • How to Recognize Dangerous / Disturbed Individuals

  • Access Control (Keep the Threat Outside)

  • Suspicious Person On-Site

  • Active Shooter Response Training


Please follow this link to the GSG homepage for further information.

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